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My name is Gaby Caskey and I'm so glad YOU are here!  I'm a portrait and wedding photographer living in San Antonio, Texas with my husband and sweet Dalmatian pup! Most days you can find me in yoga pants, an oversized t-shirt, and Chacos while drinking a Coca-Cola.  No shame. Also, if you love the Office I'm pretty sure we'll be best friends forever.

what i do

I'm a portrait and wedding photographer serving San Antonio and the Dallas/Fort Worth area! When I'm not photographing others, I love playing with my nephews, planning out my next trip, or buying popcorn from the movie theater and having a Netflix marathon with my husband and pup!

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our wedding day!

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bucket list

-Shoot a wedding at the White Sparrow Barn...this was actually my wedding venue!
From its perfect natural lighting to the
beautiful outdoor area, it's definitely at the
top of my bucket list!

-Shoot a wedding where puppies are involved!!  I didn't get my Dalmatian, Leia, until after my wedding day so I've always wondered how I would've incorporated her into my special day!

-Shoot a mountainside ceremony as the sun sets.
I love to hike, and golden hour is my favorite time to shoot, so it'd be a perfect combination!