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July 15, 2017

Boho Baby Shower | Everly Jade

If you know my mom, you know she can bring pretty much any vision to life.  With the help of Pinterest, and some of her friends from Church, my mom has planned, decorated, and thrown every big party in our lives, including both mine and my sister’s weddings.  Whenever my oldest sister, Emerald, said she wanted a boho themed baby shower for her little girl, I had no doubt my mom would create the most beautiful setting for the occasion.  Since we live in Texas and it’s currently like 9,000 degrees, there was NO way we could (or even would want to?!) have the baby shower outside, but I didn’t want to let all of my mom’s hard work go to waste by having to shoot the decor in the dark venue (I’m so dramatic, I know).  So we planned ahead and set up most of the focal pieces outside prior to the shower, and I snapped away like a crazy person, documenting every detail.

My mom and her friends came together and hand-made everything.  My mom has always been a “do it yourself” type of person, so everything shown in the post (minus a few pillows from the head table) were handmade.  The white tent was the perfect housing place for all of the baby shower gifts, such a cute way to use the boho theme! Also, one of my favorite pieces was the farm table and the Edison-bulbs hanging from the wooden arbor–all were handmade for my wedding day so my mom has loved getting to re-use them for other special occasions!

The guests were seated on DIY throw pillows and dined on yummy finger foods and drinks including avocado BLTs, Indian Naan pizza, chips and dip, and rosewater lemonade.  For dessert, we had an assortment of boho-decorated rice krispies treats, cupcakes, and cookies. My family makes the same recipe of cookies for literally every event we have, and they’re my fave to eat and I’m not even a huge sweets person!  To top it all off, my mom had a donut wall built for the evening, and had it filled with DIY decorated glaze donuts.  The highlight of dessert, however, was the naked cake dripped in pink icing and adorned with fresh cut flowers.

I had planned on taking my sister’s maternity portraits that evening, but due to the insane downpour of rain, we rescheduled for this upcoming Sunday.  As luck would have it, she went into labor 3 weeks early and actually gave birth to her baby girl, Everly Jade, this Thursday evening!  Before the baby shower we stepped outside and did about 2 minutes of portraits, so I’m extremely glad she has a few maternity portraits to remember this sweet time!

Since everything was DIY, if you have any questions on where to find recipes or links to any of the items, feel free to comment below and I’ll ask (aka: make) my mom to sit down and answer yall! Enjoy!!


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