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December 13, 2017

Treat Yo’ Self | A “Responsible” Gift Guide

I’m 22. I’m what people call “kind of an adult” at this point. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve compiled a long list of gift ideas for my family to get me for Christmas. I’d get ahold of whatever computer I could find and type up a list and place it smack dab above our home phone. Our home phone was conveniently placed in the center of the house in the walkway between the dining room and living room. I was a pretty smart child if I do say so myself!

Once I got older, my gift guides became more advanced, giving direct links, store options for in-person purchases, the sizes I needed, and even the price point of the exact items I wanted. It’s not so much that I was a brat (which, okay, maybe I kind of was…), but I wanted my family to not stress over what to gift me. Outside of that, I knew that these items were gifts that I’d use for years to come.

I searched my Gmail Inbox and actually found my Christmas list from 2014! On it, a pair of Sperry rain/snow boots I was gifted that I wore last week when it snowed, a Patagonia that I hung up in the closet just today, a GoPro that I’ve used on multiple vacations, and an Eno that I take with me on every trip. I guess I’ve always loved creating gift guides of some sort, but over the years it’s been pretty interesting to see my gift guide change over the years from random pointless gadgets to actual, practical items.

This year I wanted to create a gift guide that was a bit different from others. Since I love Parks and Rec, I figured I’d create a ‘Treat Yo’ Self‘ Gift Guide, but put a spin on it and include gifts that you could use for years to come and increase your overall productivity! A “responsible” gift guide if you will. These aren’t the most thrilling items to ask for, but they’re definitely items I think most people should have! This year my top gift requests from family members are a new set of oven mitts (mine have a hole in the thumb part..) and the Dave Ramsey program. My philosophy is that you might as well ask for the “boring” stuff and then buy yourself the fun gifts after Christmas with your extra cash! I hope you can find some great ideas to ask from your family, or save up for after Christmas! Enjoy!!

one, to keep everything in order | two, for those days you need an easy meal | three, a lifesaver if you have pets | four, because ironing is lame and hard | five, you could say saving is not one of my “spiritual gifts” | six, any watch will do the trick, just be on time! | seven, to back up all of your files for when your computer inevitably crashes | eight, because cracked screens are probably expensive (I wouldn’t know…because I use these!) | nine, I feel like everyone needs coffee these days?

Let me know if you end up asking for any of these items, or purchase them for your self! P.S., if anyone has an Instant Pot, send me your favorite recipes because I’m alllll about easy dinners! Thanks for reading! 

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