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South Beach Miami Summer Vacation | Stewart + Gaby

This summer was Stewart’s last summer for basically like the next decade (kidding, I’m dramatic)! We knew we wanted to go on a trip for sure…we just had zero idea where. Stewart mentioned wanting to deep sea fish and surf, and so we stumbled upon South Beach Miami, Florida! In typical “us” fashion, we decided on Miami and booked the trip within 30 minutes lolol. And we booked the trip for two weeks from that day. We initially planned on a cruise since it’d be easy and we wouldn’t have to figure anything out. Buuuut then we remembered you can book travel through Costco..and welp, the rest is pretty obvious! haha. P.S., we booked our airfare, airport transfers, and hotel through Costco’s site, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be using them for every trip now since it was so easy!

My only “must do” for our trip was visiting Vous Church, so we planned our incoming flights for early Sunday morning that way we could catch a service! I’ve followed Pastors Rich and Dawn Chere Wilkerson for so long, and I love listening to their messages, so I knew for sure I couldn’t miss this opportunity to hear them preach in person! The last time I went to Miami a few years back we missed their Sunday service, so this time it was at the top of my list! If you’d like to listen to the message we heard, I’ll link it here!

On Monday we had surf lessons with SoBe Surf and it was SO much fun!! I’ve always wanted to surf since I watched Blue Crush in second grade, and it was on Stewart’s bucket list too! If you know Stewart, he’s pretty much great at everything athletic, so it was no surprise he was good at surfing too haha. Also, I’d like to report that I, Gaby Caskey, successfully rode a few waves, so HOLLA ATCHA GIRLLLL. If you’re wanting to take surf lessons in the South Beach Miami area while on vacation, I highly recommend booking with SoBe Surf. Our instructor, Richard, was super chill and nice! After surfing, we were starvingggg and went to Big Pink down the block since our instructor recommended it. It was pretty good! For dinner, we ordered from Huahua’s Taqueria on UberEats since the Bachelorette was on….sorry Stewart!!

Tuesday we went deep sea fishing with Therapy IV and it was such a cool experience! Therapy IV had so many awesome reviews online, and was also recommended by the hotel’s concierge. Neither of us had ever been deep sea fishing, but it was definitely more of a “Stewart” thing, so I was a little worried I wouldn’t like the trip, or that I’d be miserable the entire time. But it wasn’t like that at allll! Our fishing guide, Keith, was super accommodating and helpful and made the trip so much fun! The boat was freakishly nice and clean, AND IT HAD AMAZING A/C and a huge indoor area. I’ll write a 5-star review just for that alone! hahaha. For lunch we went to Burgers and Shakes and it was yum.

On Wednesday we had a jet ski tour that included snorkeling and dolphin watching. I’m going to be bruuutally honest and say that this was not a highlight of the trip for me, and I was super happy when our two hour ride was over haha. I’ve jet-skied before on the lake multiple times, but I think I didn’t like this trip just because we were in the middle of the ocean and I had no idea where the dock was lol. I did like that we were able to stop and see some dolphins though?? haha. We had lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co and I’m pretty sure we went to town on how much we ate. Later that night we had dinner at Bodega Taqueria y Tequila! I’ve seen this restaurant pop up so many times in South Beach Miami blogs/vlogs so I’ve been looking forward to this place for a while. The food was SO FREAKING GOOD and I loved it. Best guac ever by the way.

Just a few miles outside of the South Beach Miami area are the Wynwood Walls, another place on my “must” list! The Wynwood Walls serve as an outdoor art gallery with tons of street art from many talented artists. It was so cool to see in person! After this, we went to Morelia Gourmet Paletas, and it was such a cute spot! You pick any flavor paleta (popsicle), and they dip it in chocolate and different toppings! Since it was our last day and we had already checked out of our hotel, we went to the movies and watched Jurassic World to pass time until our flight later that night. I’m always down for the movies and buttery popcorn!

This trip was so much fun, and I’m glad Stewart and I got to cross off another location on our list! Most of these are iPhone photos, but I hope you enjoy getting to see some of our favorite memories from this trip! Stewart rented a surf board after our lesson and I was pretty much exhausted, so I laid on the beach like a bum. Yolo. If you’re planning on visiting the South Beach Miami area, we stayed at the Palms and I loved it! It’s minutes away from the South Beach Miami area and I liked that it was a little more quiet than staying in that area. They upgraded our room to an ocean view since it was my birthday/our anniversary trip, how sweet!! Plus, they had parrots on site, so like, that’s pretty cool. Stewart vs. me on our thoughts toward the jet ski trip.

Putting that aside though, it was a cool trip, the guide was nice, and the views were pretty! This hat is my life motto basically. I bought it from MyWeaddingParty on Etsy!
Stewart ran to Lummus Park, an outdoor gym, a few miles away one day to get a workout in. I sat in bed and watched Degrassi. Relatable??


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