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Top DFW Wedding Venues

Top Dallas/Fort Worth Wedding Venues

The Dallas/Fort Worth area has so many wedding venues! When starting the venue hunt, you might be overwhelmed not knowing where to start! I’ve broken down my favorite DFW wedding venues by category below! So if your priority on the wedding day is getting married in a chapel or having the best view during your ceremony, I’ll have those listed out for you!

As a wedding photographer since 2016, I’ve photographed and assisted on so many wedding days at different venues. I’ve seen the ins and outs of each venue, so I’m sharing the highlights of each below! Can’t wait for you to find your dream venue!

1. If your dream is…Getting Married in a Chapel

If your priority on the wedding day is having a chapel ceremony, there are many DFW wedding venues that fit this look! When it comes to getting married in a Chapel, the main issue I see is that there’s a large window behind the couple, with no windows along the sides of the Chapel. So for this category I’m highlighting Chapels with a gorgeous layout and lighting!

  • The Brooks at Weatherford has one of my favorite chapel sites in the DFW area! What makes the Brooks’ chapel so amazing is that it has an open-air concept, so you’re able to bring in all of the natural light you want!
  • The Grand Ivory is another venue with an open-air chapel that I looove. I’ve only assisted on wedding days here, but it’s totally on my bucket list to book a wedding here for for 2020/21!
  • For indoor Chapels, The Emerson has a GORGEOUS ceremony space. This venue is also on my bucket list for 2020 + 2021!


2. If you love…Pretty Getting Ready Spaces

When it comes to the wedding day, the getting ready time is becoming more and more important. You’ll spend anywhere from 4-6 hours pre-ceremony getting ready in this room, so you want to make sure the space has lots of room for everyone to hang out, lots of natural light for photos and the makeup artists (and IG selfies!), seating options, and lots of plugs for all of the hair tools and iPhone chargers! Some venues with the best getting ready spaces are:

  • Rustic Grace Estate recently renovated¬†both getting ready spaces on the property, so now the guys have a bigger space, and the girls have an entire suite! The girls getting ready room has lots of natural light and windows, hooks to hang all of your dresses, a bartop for everyone to get ready at, and a huge mirror too.
  • Five Oaks Farm is another favorite on the list. The girls getting ready space is located on the second floor, and you can look down on the ceremony area from upstairs. The guys getting ready space is one of my favorites for the guys, as they have their own separate lodge to hang out in! Most times the guys get overlooked, so I love that they have lots of room for the guys to hang out, and they have amazing light in there too.
  • The Nest at Ruth Farms has a gorgeous bridal suite, too! The room has lots of natural light, and a beauty counter set up as well.
  • If your venue doesn’t have the best light, you can always opt to get ready at a hotel, Airbnb, or a natural-lit studio space! If choosing a hotel, suites are the best route since they have a living area type space that work great for getting ready photos and usually have a lot of natural light. Feel free to tour the rooms in advance!

Rustic Grace EstateFive Oaks Farm
The Nest at Ruth Farms

3. If you’ve dreamt of…The Best Outdoor Ceremony Views

There’s a lot of DFW Wedding Venues with AMAZING views at their ceremony site! I’m highlighting just a few below!

  • The Big White Barn (shown above) has a gorgeous ceremony site! The ceremony site is in full sun at most parts of the day, so if that’s not the look you’re going for, make sure to plan your ceremony around that. I’ve included a photo below to show what the same location looks like closer to sunset! The sun sets on the left side of this photo for reference.
  • The Nest at Ruth Farms has a beautiful outdoor ceremony location too! The sun sets off to the right side of the site, with a built-in arch at the altar. The space overlooks a pond also!
  • The White Sparrow barn is another venue with gorgeous outdoor ceremony spots. They recently unveiled their woodsy location, and another in their lavender garden. I have a wedding later this year with an outdoor ceremony planned and I’m sooo excited!!

The Big White Barn

The Nest at Ruth Farms

4. Or maybe you prefer…The Best Indoor Ceremony Spaces with the best Lighting

If you’re having an indoor ceremony, these venues have some of the best indoor ceremony sites! When looking for an indoor ceremony site, it’s best to know how many guests you need to fit, the available natural light, and if there’s a separate location for the reception. This last one isn’t as important if you have a team of people dedicated to flipping the ceremony site to your reception space, but you will need a full appetizer or cocktail hour likely in an entirely separate space. Another perk of your venue having a great indoor ceremony space is that you have a great plan B in case of bad weather!

  • Five Oaks Farm is an all-white barn with lots of windows throughout. They have dark wooden beams to add in a rustic look. If having your venue at their indoor ceremony location, you’ll need to have the room flipped for the reception. For cocktail hour, your guests can go into the mini-barn for drinks and appetizers, or out to their outdoor oak tree grove for cocktail hour, hors d’oeuvres, and lawn games.
  • The White Sparrow Barn is one of the top DFW wedding venues for many reasons. They have a gorgeous indoor ceremony area with an abundance of windows and natural light. Similar to above, a room flip is needed here for the reception, though the venue and vendors usually knock this out pretty quickly!

Five Oaks Farm The White Sparrow

5. And if your priority is…lots of Portrait Location variety

When it comes to your portraits, I love when we’re able to work in some variety due to multiple location options on the property! Most of the wedding venues above have amazing portrait options, so I’m just highlighting a few extra below!

  • Chapel Creek Ranch has SO many spots on the property that each have their own unique look! They have an open field with cattle, a creek flowing through the back lawn space, and of course, the view of the barn that looks amazing with its neutral colors!
  • And the Milestone Mansion is another amazing venue with such multiple portrait spots! The back patio is a perfect spot in case of bad weather, that way you know you have a portrait location outdoors that’s covered! Outside of that, there’s the band pond with a bridge, the gorgeous lawn (perfect for an outdoor ceremony) annnd of course the iconic front of the Mansion!

Chapel Creek Ranch The Milestone Mansion (Denton Location)

And that’s the list! My top DFW wedding venues ranked by categories of what’s most important to YOU! There’s a lot of venues not on this list yet, but that’s only because they’re on my bucket list to photograph a wedding day there soon! I’ll be sure to add more to the list as time passes!

Getting married at one of these venues and still looking for the right wedding photographer? Feel free to reach out by clicking the button below and I can send a full wedding gallery your way so you can see what your wedding day would look like!

I’d love to see a full gallery!


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