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My Couples’ Favorite Wedding Moments | 2018 Year in Review

2018 Year In Review

2018 was such an incredible year packed with amazing and kind couples, weddings all over the DFW area, new venues, and a lot of engagement sessions mixed in the bunch! When looking back on 2018 and all that happened, I wanted to take the time to highlight each of my wedding couples I got the chance to work with! I reached out and asked them to share their favorite wedding image(s), and I loved seeing all of the different photos they chose. The images ranged anywhere from the “traditional” bride and groom portraits, to the candid moments at the reception.

My favorite part about their answers, though, was that no one chose an image just because “it was pretty.” Each couple had a memory behind that image, whether it was posed or candid. And I loved that I could capture not only a “pretty image” for them to share on Instagram or FB, but also create a new memory for them through that image. I’m all for gorgeous wedding images, but my heart lies in creating a meaning behind those images, and I love that all of my couples felt that!

I’ll be sharing each couple’s favorite image(s), as well as sharing their reason for choosing those photos! If you haven’t checked out their blog post, feel free to click the couple’s name and it’ll take you directly to their post!


Amy and Jessie

wedding at the orchard in azle texas

“Really, there’s all my favorite for different reasons, but this one really gets me. It was right after our ceremony and we couldn’t stop giggling! I couldn’t believe we were finally married! Unstaged, pure joy.

These are two of my favorite “moments” photos. Jessie and my mom are not the crying type (it’s usually me-lol). My two favorite people so overcome with emotions is just such a sweet memory.”-Amy

Jocelyn and Josh

stone crest venue in mckinneyJocelyn and Josh’s wedding day at Stone Crest was gorgeous!! Jocelyn and Josh threw the best party at their reception, and the guests had so much fun!

Perri and Scott

Wedding at the White Sparrow Barn“My favorite image from our wedding is this portrait we took in between our ceremony and reception. After a crazy fun day, I love the peace-filled look on our faces with our foreheads touching!

My favorite moment Gaby captured on our wedding day was when my grandmothers walked down the aisle as our flower girls! They had so much fun doing this together and I know that I will forever cherish this image.”-Perri

Regan and Aaron

san antonio wedding inspiration“There were so many favorite photos, but this has to be one of the best. In the moment everyone thought it was a silly pose, but I love that everyone is laughing and happy. Again, it is hard to choose a favorite though because they were all so great!

My favorite moment you captured would probably be Aaron at the altar. He’s a tough guy, so seeing him tear up was really sweet. I also think it’s funny to see his brother laughing behind him probably thinking, “Hey, get it together!”-Regan

ThyThy and Patrick

Flying V Ranch wedding by Gaby Caskey Photography“The candid moments captured are the best.  And we absolutely loved the pictures from the family shoot. They are perfect.”-ThyThy

Selena and Immanuel

backyard wedding in aledo by gaby caskey photography“My favorite moment captured from our wedding was my sister helping me get ready! Just to have her to not only be there but be a part of me getting ready for the most memorable day of my life. Such a blessing.”-Selena

Jessica and Joseph

cape cod destination wedding by gaby caskey photography

“My favorite picture is the one of us on the rocks…with my eyes closed and Joe looking down at me, because I feel like you captured a really nice moment of Joe looking at me.

And then obviously the one of me and my dad, it’s just a precious moment.”-Jessica

Kelsey and Blake

“This picture is a re-enactment of all our reunions that we had over the 6 years of our long distance relationship. This picture is so much more than just a hug and a kiss but it symbolized our new beginning together and NO MORE LONG DISTANCE!!!

This summarizes all of my thoughts into one picture. I got to marry the man of my dreams and there’s nothing I love more than seeing him happy. Love is the best and it’s even better with your best friend by your side.”-Kelsey

Emily and Derek

Rosemary Barn wedding in McKinney, Texas, Gaby Caskey Photography, Texas wedding venues“This one is my fave. I love it because I feel like it genuinely captures the love that Derek and I share. When I look at this picture I get butterflies all over again!!”-Emily

Thanks so much to all of my 2018 Couples for making this year such a memorable one! You guys were so fun to work with, and I’m glad I got to play a small role in each of your days!

If you’re a 2019 or 2020 bride looking for a San Antonio or DFW Wedding Photographer, feel free to take a look through my website! If you like what you see, feel free to submit a Contact Form and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours!

If you know of an engaged friend who would love my work, if you refer them to me and they book (and mention your name upon booking), you’ll receive a small gift as a thank you!

*you when you see my site hopefully*

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